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For a limited time, tweexy® will ship you one FREE tweexy® brand Crystal Glass Nail File made in the Czech Republic with every purchase of a tweexy®. This elegant crystal nail file is 3.5" long and 2mm thick. The file comes with a durable vinyl sleeve to protect it while in your purse or make up bag. As always, both your tweexy® and tweexy® nail file come with free shipping!

Why Tweexy®

"Genius nail polish tool makes painting your own nails so much easier.
As Rihanna would say, where have you been all my l-i-i-i-ife?"
- Cosmopolitan

Because you love to try new things

Tweexy® is the original and only spill-proof, wearable nail polish bottle holder which fits all finger sizes. Tweexy® is a soft and flexible one-piece beauty staple that makes polishing nails easier.

Your life is complicated enough

Tweexy® simplifies the polishing process by eliminating the need for a flat surface to place your polish on. When you wear the tweexy®, you can seize every last drop of polish just by naturally tilting your hand. Some days, you over-caffeinate. Tweexy® ends the fear of drips, spills and the inconvenience of reaching for the bottle.

You are kind of a convenience freak

You've got enough to carry already! Tweexy® is small enough to fit in a makeup bag and weighs less than an ounce. You are attracted to sensuality, but you also want things to function well.

You are going places.

Tweexy® can be used anywhere. Tweexy® securely holds every branded and standard size nail polish bottle on the market. We've tested them for you! You love to buy new colors every season. Actually, let's be honest, you're a nail polish collector.


Our Story

We're Liz and Mark, the inventors of Tweexy®. As workaholic problem solvers we asked ourselves "is there anything we can do to enhance the already interesting and colorful world of beauty and makeup with something never before seen?" After our two-years journey of testing, experimenting and getting feedback we came up with just the right size, shape, feel, colors, and material, we are proud to bring you the revolution in nail care. Tweexy®!!

How to tweexy®?

You can slide the rings on, but if your nails are wet squeeze the tabs and place Tweexy® on your fingers. It doesn’t matter when you insert polish in Tweexy®. To remove, simply pull up then switch hands.

Our Press

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does tweexy® work?

1. Gently slide tweexy® on any two fingers or use 'squeeze tabs' to open expandable rings and place on fingers from above.
2. Insert a nail polish bottle in tweexy®, press down and twist open cap.
3. Paint your nails, replace the cap, then lift tweexy® off your fingers when you are finished.
4. Repeat on your other hand.
For full instructions with photos and a short video, go here.

What is tweexy® made of? How big is tweexy®?

Tweexy® is made of 100% silicone rubber. Tweexy® is approximately 2.5 inches in diameter including the crown area that holds the nail polish bottle and the finger rings. It weighs less than one ounce.

Does tweexy® fit all finger sizes and hands?

We tested tweexy® on all finger ring sizes from a size 3 up to a size 17. Tweexy® will even comfortably work with fingers that have larger ring sizes. Ring sizes smaller than size three will work as well, however you may find you need to squeeze your fingers together to keep tweexy® stable on your hand.

Does tweexy® hold all bottles of nail polish and gel?

Yes! All standard size and shape bottles and all branded bottles fit and are held securely by tweexy®. From the small mini collections to the larger branded bottles, they all work. The only bottle shapes we wish worked better are the large, ball-shaped bottles and a few others that sharply taper inward towards the base. But there’s an easy work around… all you have to do is flip up one or more of the ‘leaves’ in the crown and they act like a seat belt or an an octopus arm, wrapping around and gripping the bottle securely so it won’t shimmy its way out.

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