Patent & Authenticity

Trademark No: 5,200,710 | Issue date: May 09, 2017

Global List

Country Patent Number Patent Type Trademark Number
United States US 9,585,455 B2 Utility Patent  
United States USD 821,033 Design Patent  
United States   Trademark 5200710
International   Trademark 1299650
European Union EP 3142515 B1 Utility Patent  
Japan JP 6377185 B2 Utility Patent  
Australia AU 2016244813 B2 Utility Patent  
Taiwan I 622367 Utility Patent  
China Pending Utility Patent  

Be sure your Tweexy® is Authentic.

The Original. Established 2016.
US Utility Patent Number 9,585,455 B2.

There is only one Tweexy®

All other wearable nail polish holders are engaging in theft of our intellectual property. Don’t settle for the counterfeits.

Why buy the orginal Tweexy®?

Tweexy® offers a lifetime guarantee against defects of any kind.

Tweexy® has been tested and has passed for US California Proposition 65 – Total Lead Content and US California Proposition 65 – Phthalate Content.

We work closely with our manufacturers to ensure that the performance of tweexy® meets the high standards of our customers. We test tweexy® regularly and strive to have tweexy® securely hold all standard and branded nail polish bottles.

We have reusable high-quality luxury packaging, perfect as a gift for any occasion.

We’re Dedicated to Upholding the Law. We are dedicated to aggressively enforcing our trademarks, copyrights and patents worldwide so that you won’t confused by the fakes.

We offer customer service. Please email with any questions you have concerning tweexy®.

Thank you!