Our Story

Hi! We’re Liz and Mark, the inventors of tweexy®.

We live on a small island along the beautiful coast of South Carolina where we love to kick our heels back, but fundamentally, we’re workaholic problem solvers. So we asked ourselves, what can we offer that’s not out there already, that females will love to use and share? Is there anything we can do to enhance the already interesting and colorful world of beauty and makeup with something never before seen? We learned that one product, nail polish, is used by a whopping 71% of females; even more than lipstick! For younger women in their teens and twenties, the number is closer to 84%! Then, we dug deep, interviewing hundreds of nail polish users, asking them where and how they apply their polish.

We asked them what problems they were having when applying their polish. They spoke of spills, drips, tips, and their inability to get to the bottom of the bottle. They told us about their shaky hands, smearing, smudging, and reaching…They had issues about where to place the bottle when in their car, at the beach, on their bed, on their couch, in their bathtub, in a public restroom, at work, at school, on a bus or train, at the airport… you know, like everywhere.

So we ended up asking ourselves the obvious: Why wasn’t there a great nail polish holder out there, one that was small, soft, comfortable, easy to use, fashionable, colorful and most important… wearable and mobile? We looked at the other nail polish holders that companies were selling and we said, YUK! Poor quality, smelly, cheap, inconvenient, and they’re not even cool looking or fun to use. You deserve better! So we started experimenting.

Our two-year journey

The first thing we did was purchase every nail polish bottle on the market. There are literally thousands of brands worldwide that come in about 250 different shapes and sizes. We (along with our brilliant designer David) measured all of them and from that we came up with the perfect size and shape that would hold all of them.

Next were the CAD drawings and then the 3D printed models.

Our initial 3D models were rough, but we took these out to the streets—to bars, restaurants, schools, the beach, grocery stores, hair salons…anywhere we could get feedback.

We tried tweexys on scrawny girls with a ring size of 3 and brawny women with a size 17. We wanted tweexy® to fit everyone's needs and we met a lot of fun people in the process. After almost two years of testing, experimenting and getting feedback we came up with just the right size, shape, feel, colors, material and packaging for tweexy®, and we are now bringing it to you!

Tweexy® is a one-piece cast form, made of silicone. We wanted you to find it soft to the touch. It will fit securely on two of your fingers (or one finger, if you prefer). Say you're doing nail art or applying base and topcoats, you can wear two tweexys at one time if you want to. The two expandable rings are thick enough to naturally keep your fingers separated as you polish, so your hand can relax. Your polish bottle is inserted into a bowl-shaped receptacle (we call it 'the crown'). The crown fits all bottles, regardless of their size or shape and holds it securely. We've designed a gripping feature at the bottom of the crown so your bottle will hold tightly. Open your polish with one hand simply by applying downward pressure on the bottle while twisting the cap. Tweexy® has two rubber wings built into the form (we call them 'squeeze-tabs') that pull open the finger rings. We did this so you can move it from hand to hand with wet nails. It's so simple. We think you're going to love it.

Thank you for reading our story.

Liz and Mark